Kirk Rudy NetJet Inkjet addressing system

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Make: Kirk Rudy
Model: Kirk Rudy NetJet

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Kirk Rudy NetJet Print System:

Print width: 1.5” per module. Optional print module widths up to 4” available. Optional 1/2” single cartridge “satellite” remote can be used in a number of ways:

• Inline with print module for 2” print area

• Behind any of the three cartridges for a second color or higher speeds

• Separated form the module and placed anywhere within 18” of it

Combine modules on a single mount for extra wide print areas

Print Resolution speed length

600x600 dpi 125 ft./min 27”

600x300 dpi 250 ft./min 54”

600x200 dpi 360 ft./min 81”

600x150 dpi 480 ft./min 108”

Ink conservation mode 300x600, 300,200,150 dpi (same speed and print length as corresponding 600 x #)

  Software Features:

• Variable text and graphics. Supports BMP, JPEG, PDF (with optional RIP)

• Conveyor zip code and bundle breaks

• Text, graphics and barcode rotation

• Ink level monitoring and ink cost calculator

• Multiple font use within text boxes

• All Windows true type fonts

• PDF Proof Tool

• USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode, Postnet, Planet, all standard 1D and 2D barcodes supported

• 24 Windows Unicode languages

  Data Formats:

• Fixed length, delimited, label, dbf, access, excel

  Pen Controls:

• Pulse warming- keeps ink at optimal print temperature

• Pen calibration – voltage and pulse length tuning for each cartridge

• Short detection – prevents damage when cartridge nozzles wear out

• PC peripherals:  10/100-base Ethernet, Windows XP


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