Mail Inserter Feeder Folders


A mail inserter feeder folder is a machine that automatically folds paper, stuffs it into an envelope, then seals it. Mail inserters provide a fast and reliable method of folding and inserting paper and documents into an envelope for mailing and will process mail 10 times faster than by hand, increasing productivity and making mail prep a breeze.

  • BAUM 714XLT Ultrafold

    BAUM714XLT Ultrafold 1st Station

    Rugged Reliability…Compact, Convenient Size
    Non-marking, continuous feeding with bottom feed...
  • Single Shot Mail Inserter Feeder Folder by Capital Mailing Equipment
    CME SS1 Single-Shot Mail InserterFeeder Folder
    Introducing the NEW CME SS-1 Feeder Folder Inserter for Mailinserts – Packing Slips – Fulfillment...