Mosca Strappers

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Strapping machines are packaging machines that use bands of flat steel or plastic to tighten around a package. Strappers are used primarily for bundling products together, wrapping pallets, and preventing products from splitting apart or falling during transit.

  • MO-M-8 Semiautomatic Strapping Machine
    MO-M-8 Semiautomatic StrappingMachine
    Standard Features
    - Thermostatically controlled heat-weld-sealing
    - Wear-freeDC drive, brushless motor technology...
  • Mosca Strapper strapper

    Innovative Strapping Systems / Fusion Models
    The ROM Fusion delivers Mosca innovation and quality in aperformance and price package that is appropriate...
  • Mosca Strapper EVOLUTION SONIXS MP-6 T Automatic Strapping Machine
    Automatic StrappingMachine
    One machine - suitable across allindustries
    The automatic strapping machines of the MP...