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Mosca is an industry leader in developing efficient strapping machines, high-quality strapping materials and complex systems for securing your goods in transit. They accompany their customers from the start with a comprehensive and holistic service concept that ensures their needs are met from the outset. Contact Mosca for more information on their products.

  • MO-M-8 Semiautomatic Strapping Machine
    The MO-M-8 Semiautomatic Strapping Machine offers thermostaticallycontrolled heat-weld-sealing, wear-free DC drive, brushless motortechnology, and easy strap coil change and threading system.
  • Mosca Strapper strapper
    The ROM Fusion delivers Mosca innovation and quality in aperformance and price package that is appropriate for mid-levelstrapping needs.
  • Mosca Strapper EVOLUTION SONIXS MP-6 T Automatic Strapping Machine
    In the generation EVOLUTION, modern technology meets tradition. Theadvanced high-end Standard 6 sealing unit sets standards forautomatic strapping machines at entry level.