Streamfeeder VTS-1200 Vacuum Transport System

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Model: Streamfeeder VTS-1200 Vacuum Transport System

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Streamfeeder VTS-1200 Vacuum Transport System

The VTS-1200 is the ideal multi-purpose system to handle all that you throw at it. From scanning, to printing, to labeling, to addressing, to tipping/attaching, and more you can be assured that this system will provide all the flexibility required of fulfillment systems today. The heavy-duty base equipped with the versatile V-1000p friction feeder will provide years of service at an affordable price. Consistently feed and transport a wide variety of flat and multi-thickness products at speeds up to 245 feet per minute for barcode reading, printing, print verification, tipping, and more. The system can be used as an offline production system or simply remove the feeder and put it inline with other production flows.

Standard Features:

Heavy-duty construction 5-foot deck length Dual vacuum belts Adjustable outside belts Easy to use push button controls Aluminum deck top V-1000p feeder featuring repositionable feed belts Independent side guide positioning Extended guide rails all the way through the feeder Two independent adjustable product separators Long lasting natural gum rubber feed belts Variable speed control Maintenance free stepper motor Universal external run interface kit.

Applications:     (ask us about your application)

Labeling / Tabbing / Date Stamping / Addressing  / Verification / Attaching / Scanning / Coding / Tip-on / Affixing / Printing. 

Products:    (ask us about your products)

Sheet Paper / Backer Board / Folded Documents / Manuals / Collapsed Cartons / Folders / Cardstock / Envelopes / Booklets / Post Cards / Brochures and more...


Streamfeeder VTS-1200 Vacuum Transport System


Streamfeeder VTS-1200 Vacuum Transport System Specifications


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