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Ameritek T1000 Tabber Labeler Stamp affixer

Product ID: 17003

New Listing

Year: NEW
Make: Ameritek
Model: T1000

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Ameritek T1000 Tabber/ Labeler/ Stamp Affixer

Product Specification - Ameritek Table Top Tabber


- Unit can be ordered only as a table-top system.
- Tabbing Head is capable of 1 ½” tab/label width.
- Tabbing Head utilizes a Brushed DC Servo Gearmotor for indexing.
- Standard System can wrap tabs on only one side only (Front Wrap is standard, Rear Wrap available upon request)
- Standard System has a Left to Right product direction of travel. (Right to Left is available upon request)
- Dual Head Ready systems are available for electrically linking the control of two machines. (Not Standard)
- Dual Side Wrapping machines are available as specials.

Product Sizes 

- Minimum Product Size: 3 ½” x 5” (USPS minimum) Maximum Product Size: 12” x 14” long
- Minimum Thickness: 0.007” (USPS minimum) Maximum Thickness: 3/8” Tabs/Labels
- General Backer is 1/16”-1/4” larger than tab/label
- Typical gap between tabs/labels is 1/8” to 1/16”
- Minimum Width ¾” backer width
- Maximum Width 1 ¾” backer width
- Minimum Pitch ¾”
- Maximum Pitch 4”
- Types Machine grade paper, clear, or translucent.
NOTE: Clear and translucent tabs require an “engineered backer” with printed registration marks for indexing. Wide or narrow registration marks can be used. Narrow registration marks are preferred.

- Roll Size Up to 13 ½” diameter mounted on a 3” core.
- Approximately 20,000 1” tabs


- Transport Belt Speed 0 to 300 Ft./min
- Tabbing Head speed 0 to 300 Ft./min
- Production Rate Up to 20,000 pieces per hour (1” single tab on 8 ½” length product)
- Up to 15,000 pieces per hour (1” double tabs on 8 ½” length product)
- Up to 12,000 pieces per hour (1” triple tabs on 8 ½” length product)
** Booklet Mode** Up to 18,000 pieces per hour (1-1/2” single tab on 5” height product)
** Booklet Mode** Up to 12,000 pieces per hour (1-1/2” double tabs on 5” height product)


- Tab Placement +/- 1/8” repeatability
- Automatic Placement Complies with USPS specifications for tab placement and application.


- Guards and interlocks Product is guarded so that accidental personal injury cannot occur while operating as prescribed by The User’s Guide provided with system.


- EMC: FCC Part 15 Class A ESD: IEC 61000-4-2 (+/- 8KV air, +/- 4 KV direct discharge)

Physical Size

- System Length: 34 ½” System Width: 28” System Height: 38”
- Tabletop Height 8 ½” Weight: 160lbs
- Electrical Requirements Voltage/ Current: 115 VAC @ 5 amps


  • Heavy duty construction for reliability and durability.
  • Meet all requirements of owner, operator and USPS.
  • Quick and simple job setups.
  • Microprocessor controlled tab placement.
  • Available in both left to right and right to left configurations.
  • Available with product wrap on front (Standard) or rear.

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