Our CEO Interviewed by WhatTheyThink

January 3, 2023

In a video interview by WhatTheyThink, a trusted information source for the global printing industry, Troy Shatus of Capital Mailing Equipment discusses the latest industry trends. These include the increased demand for the ability to print on various kinds of paper and integration of new printing equipment with mailing and binding equipment. Capital Mailing Equipment offers solutions that will address these demands and more. 

"The emerging trends that we are seeing is that the customers are requesting a printer that will print on everything in their shop, whether it's coated, uncoated, glossy. The other trend that we're seeing is the request for integration of these new types of printers and the mailing, printing, packaging, and bindery shops.

Capital Mailing Equipment creates the latest technology for the solutions for our customers. And what I mean by that is offering UV that will print on all substrates for the printing, mailing, packaging, and binding industries. We understand our customers' needs and we listened very well and we asked the right questions to make sure that we're providing the right services for their needs, whether it is integration of new equipment or their existing equipment for upgrades."

- Troy Shatus, CEO of Capital Mailing Equipment