CME SS1 - Single Shot Feeder Folder

August 17, 2020


Capital Mailing Equipment is proud to announce the NEW CME-SS1 Single Shot Feeder Folder. 

We listened to your requests and created a High Speed On-Demand Feeder Folder to present Single Sheets of 8.5 X 11 to 8.5 X 14  Half folded - Double half fold - Letter fold - and Z-folded paper with speeds up to 7200 Pieces per hour.  

Applications: Mailing - Printing - Packaging - Fulfillment - 

High Speed Folded Documents can include printed forms such as invoices, packing slips, instructions, manuals etc. 

High Volume feed conveyor to accommodate 2000 cut sheets of 8.5 X11 or 8.5X14 20lb.    

CME SS1 - Single Shot Feeder Folder

 CME SS1 Single Shot Feeder Folder