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Surefeed Add A Station

Product ID: 15945

New Listing

Year: New
Make: Pitney Bowes DMS
Model: Add A Station

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Add-A-Station feeders can easily feed letters, z-fold, c-fold, half, engineering, double parallel and gate materials. Quickly turn your six station inserter into a seven, eight or nine station. Or, have the ability to turn your 12 station inserter up to a 20 station inserter. Set-up simply by clamping the new feeder onto your existing inserter’s front table and begin inserting.

These feeders are available in two models - SE 900 and the ECO 900. Each Feeder comes standard with our Patented Dynamic Rotation Technology, heavy duty 1/4" thick powder coated side frames, ground fault, product guides and variable speed control.


Select on Demand, Credit Card Guides, 24 AC/DC Interface, Batch Counting.


Loyalty Cards, Phone Cards, Real Estate Business, Cards, Credit Cards, Insurance Cards, Gift Cards, Pouches, Packets, Faux Cards, Post Cards, Refrigerator Magnets, Certified Mail.

  • Higher throughput/lower cost of operation
  • Miss (standard) and Double Detection (optional) capabilities
  • Move from one inserter to another
  • Easy installation and space saving
  • Create new insert stations to your existing inserter
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