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Ink supplies for Mailing and Packaging:   

CME45A Standard Black - Compares to HP® C51645A
CME42A Compares to HP® C8842A Versatile Black & Collins® CM-150
CME105 High Definition - Compares to Collins® CM902 & HP® C8842A    
CME405 Long Decap Black - Compares to Collins® Reliable H & TWK2080H-CT - DataPac® CIB-C-0091
CME95A Fast Dry Black - Compares to HP® C6195A
CME545SF Super Fast Dry - Compares to Collins® TWK-1961H & CM-796KB
CME07A Aqueous Black - Compares to Collins® MAX2 & TWK-1386 & HP® C9007A
CME08A Aqueous Pigment Black - Compares to HP® Q2392A & Collins® Max 3 & TWK-1396


Hybrid Dy Pigment Blend - Compares to Collins® Complete H TWK1818H  *** MOST POPULAR ***
CMEHDFL Very Dark Density. Compares to Videojet and Wolke® WLK660068
CME68A Spot Red - Compares to HP® C6168A Spot Red  
CME69A Spot Green - Compares to HP® C6169A Spot Green
CME70A Spot Blue - Compares to HP® C6170A Spot Blue
CME73A Spot Yellow - Compares to HP® C6173A Spot Yellow


Ink Comparison Chart


CME Ink:

Compares to: *

Comments on CME products:


Collins CM 902

High resolution, crisp images, on porous and coated materials. Excellent for high quality work. Premium priced solutions for high resolution.


 HP®Q2392 or Collins  Max 3

Pigment Black for use on coated stocks.  PVC, plastic cards, & aqueous media


HP C8842A versatile Black

Good across a variety of stock, porous and coated. Excellent quality and density on non-coated stock


Collins Complete

Dries quickly with heater / dryer.
Works well on most common stocks.

 Fast Dry or CME95

HP C6195A Fast Dry

Fast dry designed for offset stock (Porous) materials


Collins CM 290

Often used in applications with no heater dryer (addressing) and absorbent stock in packaging lines.

 Aqueous or CME O7A

General ink, and brands of Aqueous.

Excellent ink for both porous (lighter image) and on some coated stocks.


Secap Picaso, Rena  easy ink aqueous. 

Requires high power heater. Dryer for best results on difficult media.

Standard Black or CME45A.

HP 51645A

Solid black image, can be used at lower DPI with good density.


Collins 902 H (Heads up)

Specialty ink formulas with good black density on non-coated stocks.


Data Pac DIB-C-0091

Extra-long decap time for extended down time operations.


Popular in the packaging market and in line mailing (stop / start) applications

Spot Color(s) or CME 68, 69, 70, 73)

HP C6168A, 69A, 70A, 73A

Dense color inks used in spot color applications. Designed for porous materials in the addressing and packaging markets.


Collins CM series of Colors

Should be tested with other formulas for differences in drying and resolution performance when used in multi head machines




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